Probate and Trust Administration

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When a loved one has passed on, the probate process can seem overwhelming. In fact, it is often difficult to determine when a probate is necessary. At Horizon Attorneys & Counselors at Law, PLC, we handle the complex legal challenges presented by probate court so you can focus on your family. We know the legal issues associated with probate are often sensitive matters, and our attorneys conduct themselves accordingly.


We handle all issues that may arise in the probate and estate administration process. The lawyers at Horizon Attorneys & Counselors at Law, PLC have extensive experience representing clients in estate and probate matters. To speak with an attorney about probate and estate administration services, contact our Tulsa law office at 918-398-7900, or contact us by e-mail.


Dedicated Representation

In Oklahoma, the probate of an estate is a time-consuming and expensive process that can last between 6 to 18 months. Experienced attorneys can help guide clients throughout the process in an efficient manner designed to minimize the time and costs of the probate process.


Horizon provides personal attention and works closely with clients throughout the probate process to handle all issues that may arise in their case. They work diligently to minimize the time and cost associated with probate.


Post-Death Administration

After someone has passed away, if a revocable living trust has been established, the surviving Trustmaker and /or the Successor Trustee will usually meet with us to ensure their plan is implemented the way it was designed. A Tulsa estate and probate attorney will gather the necessary information from the family and assist them with division of assets and asset transfers.


For those clients who have not implemented a trust-based estate plan, we will assist the family in the probate process if that is necessary.


We will work with the financial advisers, CPAs, attorneys and the deceased’s other professional advisers to complete any tax returns, such as gift tax returns (Form 709) and estate tax returns (Form 706), that may be required by law.


Trustee Representation and Trust Services

Our firm is also pleased to assist clients with trust administration services. We represent trustees who have been named under trust documents to guide them in performing their duties and fulfilling their obligations under the trust instrument. Our experience and expertise in the trust administration process provides trustees the comfort of knowing he or she is properly discharging his or her fiduciary duty to the trust’s beneficiaries. Additionally, we can assist you with collection and distribution of assets and reporting to trust beneficiaries.


Our Tulsa trust and probate attorneys are also skilled in litigating any disputes that may arise in a will contest, trust dispute or any other matters that may occur among family members and other heirs or potential heirs. If you need help administering a trust or estate, responding to an allegation of trust mismanagement, or protecting your rights as a trust beneficiary, we can help.


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If you need to speak with a Tulsa probate or trust attorney about the probate of an estate, trust administration services, wills, trusts, asset protection or another estate or probate matter, contact our Tulsa law office today at 918-398-7900. You will be well served to have our firm assist you in navigating the complexities of probate, trust administration, and estate planning.