Family Office

We created the family office for an individual or family looking to form a strategic partnership where we take care of your financial, accounting, legal and tax needs all in one location.

On a monthly basis we will:

  • Pay bills
  • Reconcile and monitor bank accounts
  • Prepare compiled financial statements
  • Provide you with documentation of transactions
  • Coordinate with your trusted advisors
  • Monitor ongoing tax liabilities
  • Review payroll reports

On a quarterly basis, we will:

  • Meet with you to review your financial statements
  • Ensure your financial plan is coordinated with your legal and tax planning
  • Prepare quarterly estimated tax projections
  • Prepare a statement of net worth

Your Family Office will allow you to enjoy your life knowing all of your business needs are taken care of. Our unique process brings clarity to your life, gives you greater simplicity, and coordinates everything you need in one place.


Your Horizon Family Office is unique in the marketplace because it is a collaborative group of experts delivering a powerful, unique approach to create and implement customized tax and estate planning, legal counsel, and wealth management and preservation all coordinated in one location and customized to your unique situation.