Coming of Age Program – Assisting your Child After Age 18

At Horizon Attorneys & Counselors at Law PLC (“Horizon”) we are continually striving to assist our clients in fulfilling their estate planning needs. Now that we are heading into fall, many students are starting their senior year of high school or heading off to college. Although these students are often still wholly dependent on their parents for financial support, once they turn 18, they are legally adults in the eyes of the law. This legal independence provides numerous new rights for your child, but also terminates certain rights held by you as their parents.

Two of these rights are access to medical information and the ability to make medical decisions. Under federal law (HIPAA), medical providers are prevented from sharing a patient’s medical information without patient consent. For example, in the event of an emergency, your child’s doctor may not be able to share crucial information with you. Additionally, if your child becomes incapacitated, you may not have authority over their bank accounts and financial decisions. This problem could result in bills that need paid or checks that need deposited, and you no longer have the authority to authorize such transactions.

As your child reaches legal age, let us help ease the burden. We will prepare documents for you in our Coming of Age package, including electronic copies to make it easy for you to retrieve these documents in the event of an emergency.

If you have a child age eighteen or older and are interested in the Coming of Age Package, please call or email me at (918) 398-7900 or to find out more information