Business Legal Advisory Services

i-businessadvisoryProviding Business Legal Advisory Services to Greater Tulsa

Horizon Attorneys & Counselors at Law PLC specializes in representing businesses and business owners. There are significant legal and tax decisions a business owner needs to consider when forming, buying, operating, selling or dissolving a business. These decisions can significantly impact the business owner’s legal and tax liabilities.


Our Tulsa business lawyers provide business legal advisory services and work proactively with a business owners and his or her other advisers to formulate and implement the most advantageous legal solutions for both the business owner and the business.


Our Tulsa business lawyers have designed business legal advisory programs for our business owner clients which allow us to proactively address legal issues facing you and your business. Contact us today for a confidential consultation at our firm or call 918-398-7900.


Corporate Updating Program

An experienced business attorney meets with our business clients in our Corporate Updating Program from to provide legal counsel on issues facing them and their businesses. For some of these clients, we host their company meetings at our office and documents these meeting in minutes. We have found by meeting with our business owner clients during the year we uncover and address legal and tax issues before they become problems. Our clients pay a fixed annual fee to participate in the business legal services advisory program. Our attorneys help our clients eliminate dangers and capitalize on their opportunities and strengths.


Business Exit Planning

All business owners need an exit plan. All business owners will either walk away from their business or they will be carried out. At Horizon we specialize in working with business owners to develop and implement an exit plan which allows them to transfer the business to family members, employees or a third party while minimizing their tax liability and maximizing the cash they receive. The buy-sell agreement is only a portion of the exit plan. The implementation period for an exit plan can range from one year to thirty years and the plan will change during the implementation period.


Business Acquisition and Divestiture Planning

Having worked with numerous business owners we have developed an extensive network of business owners, certified public accountants, investment bankers, business brokers, local bankers, financial advisors, venture capital funds and insurance and real estate professionals (the “Advisor Network”) for acquiring or selling a business. We charge a fixed fee, calculated as a percentage of the sale or purchase price, to represent either the buyer or the seller throughout this process.


Private Equity Program

We work with our Advisor Network to provide our clients with access to private equity money which allows them to expand their business. We also work with our clients to gain access to opportunities to invest in private equity investments. We charge a fixed fee for these services based on the private equity investment.


Legal Audits

At Horizon we work with many of our business owner clients to review processes and procedures followed in their businesses and revise and implement new policies and procedures to prevent litigation, reduce tax liabilities and provide increased asset protection.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule an initial consultation with our Tulsa business lawyers to determine if our business legal advisory services program could benefit you, your family, and your business.